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In the field of life insurance, underwriting means.

Having a life insurance policy in place is a terrific method to provide security for your loved ones after your death. Did you know, however, that your application for a life insurance policy must first pass through a stage of the procedure known as underwriting?

In this paper, we will examine what is meant by “underwriting” and the many contexts in which it might be used.

Okay, let’s jump in!

Insurance Underwriting for a Life Policy

When an insurance company sells a life insurance policy, it takes on uncertainty. Each person faces a potentially different degree of danger. Underwriting is the procedure through which an insurance company evaluates an applicant’s risk status.

Professionals within the insurance firm, known as “underwriters”, are responsible for the underwriting process.

Insurance companies rely on underwriters to mitigate potential losses. They go through every proposal and application that comes their way. They will evaluate your application for insurance coverage based on the information you submit about your finances, health, and anything else relevant to your application. If they judge that you represent a risk above and above the average, they will set the premium you must pay accordingly.

Varieties of Underwriting for Life Insurance

Underwriting in the life insurance industry falls into two categories:

Underwriting Financial Statements

The policyholder’s dependents, those who rely on the policyholder for support, will have their financial requirements determined by the insurer. They’ll evaluate your finances (such as your salary, debts, assets, etc.) to see whether the quantity of insurance you’re seeking to purchase is reasonable.

Clinical Underwriting

This process, also known as mortality assessment, involves the underwriter evaluating the risk you provide to the insurance company. The individual’s age, profession, way of life, present health state, medical history, family medical history, lifestyle practices that may affect the individual’s mortality, etc., are all examples of such variables.

Procedures in Underwriting Insurance Policies

Here are some crucial stages of the underwriting procedure:

Review of Applications, First Step

Steps to submitting a proposal

The first step in processing your application is checking for errors and making sure you have supplied all necessary information.

Therefore, it is essential that you take the following precautions while filling out your proposal form: Be completely honest and forthright in all of your answers; Don’t attempt to conceal or provide false information; Describe in detail any and all diseases, illnesses, medical conditions, surgeries, treatments, etc.

The Application Review Process:

The next step is for the insurance firm to review your submission.

Any changes to the application that are minimal in nature may ensure the underwriting process is completed on time. It may take more time for your application to be underwritten if your health or medical history has blanks or needs to be completed.

After a careful review of your application, it will enter the underwriting step.

Underwriting the Financials, Phase 2

At this stage, we’ll do financial underwriting. In order to determine your insurance requirements and the extent of your coverage, the insurance company will need you to provide a number of papers. Some of the required paperwork includes the following:

Pay stubs, bank statements, ITRs, Aadhar cards, passports, and other official documents are all acceptable forms of identification.

If you have more than one life insurance policy, the insurance company may want to know about them. After submitting your application and policy information, the life insurance company will let you know how much coverage you may choose.

Be aware that the documentation requirements might differ across products and insurance providers.

Third, undergo a medical underwriting.

Following the monetary underwriting phase, the medical underwriting phase begins. In this section, the insurance company will evaluate the risk you pose depending on factors including your health and lifestyle.

Insurance companies may require policyholders to provide health information and submit physicals. Some of these are:

Common diagnostic procedures include the Treadmill Test (TMT) and basic measures such as height, weight, and blood pressure.

A blood test may reveal whether you are at risk for developing conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol, anaemia, and cardiovascular disease.

This involves submitting to a urine test for a drug panel, which is part of the drug test. The results of this test will show the insurer whether you have been using drugs, smoking, or drinking.

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is another diagnostic option for identifying heart problems. Then, you may be required to take an HIV test, an X-ray, a liver function test, a kidney function test, etc., depending on your age and the statements you made in the proposal form.

The disclosures you make in the proposal form, the existence of any preexisting illnesses you may have, the kind of life insurance policy you want to purchase, the insurance company you buy it from, the cover amount you pick, etc., may all play a role in determining what medical examinations you will be required to undertake.

The underwriter will evaluate your findings once you’ve had the necessary medical exams performed. The underwriter will examine your test results carefully at this point.

A Request for Further Records

In order to better assess your risk, underwriters may seek extra information from you. You may need to provide documentation such as an inspection report, previous medical records, evidence of independence, etc.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all life insurance policies need a thorough medical check for all applicants.

Step 4: Final Application Review

When the insurance firm has finished its underwriting procedure and evaluated your health and finances, it will either –

Present the insurance proposal.

The insurance provider will issue the policy with the same coverage and cost.

Put in a competing bid.

Loading refers to the practice of charging a higher premium (or premiums) for a policy based on the assumption that the insured poses a greater financial risk to the insurance company. A counteroffer is a term for this situation.

We’ll issue the life insurance coverage to you if you accept the offer.

Please be aware that each insurance provider has its own underwriting guidelines due to their varying risk appetites.

Policy issuance typically takes between 10 and 15 days. However, this might change depending on your specific situation and the insurance provider you choose.

Insurers have the right to reject your application outright if they deem you too high of a risk to insure.

Underwriting Considerations for Life Insurance

The underwriter will consider the following risk considerations. It’s important to keep in mind that these considerations may differ from one insurance provider to the next.


A life insurance policy’s premium is heavily influenced by the policyholder’s age. Insurance costs are more affordable if you get coverage while you’re younger. Your insurance premium will decrease consequently.

Calculating Mass and Size

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) may be calculated by the insurer using your height and weight. If you want to know whether your weight is healthy in relation to your size, the body mass index (BMI) might help you out. There is a correlation between having a high body mass index and an elevated risk of several diseases. As a result, you’ll have to pay extra for your insurance.

Medical History, Both Present and Past

The insurer will also research your treatment history, prescriptions, surgeries, and other medical procedures.

The Health Record of My Family

Diseases often run in families. The likelihood of developing a sickness or health problem for which there is a strong family history increases. Therefore, the underwriter will also investigate your family’s medical history to get a complete picture of your health.


An underwriter will also take into account your employment status. Your risk level will be higher than the average person’s if you work in a hazardous environment, such as a mine, a firehouse, or a construction site.

Routines in daily life

Finally, your personal behaviours will be considered as part of the underwriting process. The insurance company will want to know whether you are a frequent smoker, drug user, or alcoholic because bad habits like smoking, drug usage, and excessive drinking may create serious, even fatal, health problems. Bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking might result in higher premiums or even insurance rejection.

Skydiving, paragliding, and other forms of extreme activity participation might also make you a high-risk candidate.

In conclusion!

The underwriters at the insurance firm go through your application before issuing you a policy. Underwriting is the insurance company’s evaluation of your risk. Underwriters are the people who really do the underwriting. In the underwriting process, the underwriter will take into account a variety of risk indicators, including your age, profession, health history, lifestyle choices, family health history, and so on.

Filling out a life insurance proposal form requires you to provide personal information such as your income, health status, and other pertinent facts. You’ll need to take a battery of medical exams, too. The underwriter will use this information, together with the outcomes of your medical exams, to determine the level of risk you pose. You will also be required to provide information about any other insurance plans you have. The policy’s maximum coverage amount is based on these factors.

When the insurance company has finished all of these procedures and determined that you pose an insurable risk, they will offer you a life insurance policy. If the underwriter doesn’t like the offer, they’ll make a counteroffer. If they deem the danger too great, they may reject your application outright.

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