What Is the Purpose of Having Deductibles on Insurance Policies?

What Are Deductibles?

Do you need to purchase life, health, or property insurance? If that’s the case, you may be curious about deductibles and how they function. Deductibles are standard for all types of insurance, including those for your home, car, and health. To put it, deductibles are the portion of a claim that comes out of your own wallet before your insurance company pays anything.

The deductible amount varies with the kind of insurance, the premiums you pay, and the provider. If your policy has a higher deductible, you will be liable for more out-of-pocket expenses before your insurance kicks in, but your monthly or annual premiums will be cheaper as a result. However, deductibles tend to be lower for plans with higher premiums. The insurance policy becomes effective considerably more rapidly in such situations.

Here we will take a short look at the rationale behind deductibles in insurance plans as well as a general review of health insurance deductibles and how they function.


The deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance company starts to pay for any of your covered medical bills.

In order to assure that policyholders have some financial stake in the policy and will contribute to the cost of claims, insurance providers utilize deductibles.

Deductibles protect insurers against the financial impact of a catastrophic loss or a number of smaller losses that add up quickly.

Individuals, depending on their health insurance plan, must pay premiums as well as any applicable deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance.

As a rule of thumb, higher-priced insurance policies have lower deductibles, whereas lower-priced policies have higher deductibles.

Deductibles in Insurance and Their Purpose

When policyholders file claims, deductibles help insurance companies spread the financial burden. But moral risks and financial security are two other reasons why businesses utilize deductibles.

Ethical Risks

Deductibles reduce the moral hazard’s impact on conduct. There is a moral hazard associated with the possibility that a policyholder would behave dishonestly. There is a moral hazard since insurance products shield policyholders from financial hardship. The insured need not worry about the financial repercussions of their dangerous actions.

In the case of automobile insurance, for instance, policyholders may feel emboldened to take risks behind the wheel or leave their vehicle unattended in potentially hazardous areas. They have no stake in the outcome since there is no deduction.

Because the policyholder is liable for some of the expenses, the deductible reduces the policyholder’s exposure to the risk. In this way, deductibles help bring insurers and insureds closer together in their shared goal of preventing catastrophic loss.

Insurance plans with higher deductibles help keep the insurance company afloat by limiting the cost of claims. A well-structured insurance policy will safeguard its owner against financial ruin. There is more room between a little loss and a catastrophic loss thanks to the deductible.

Imagine there was no such thing as a deductible on a policy. The insurance company would be responsible for paying any and all small claims. As a result, there would be an excessive number of shares, driving up premiums. Additionally, this may hinder the insurer’s ability to react to policyholders’ genuine catastrophic losses adequately.

Costs Beyond Your Health Insurance Deductible

The monthly payments for health insurance are just some of the cost you’ll incur; there are also deductibles to consider. In order to have your health insurance begin paying for any of your healthcare bills, you must first meet your yearly deductible. Generally speaking, a greater deductible will result in a cheaper premium for medical insurance, and vice versa.

It would help if you also discussed the following:

Cost sharing or shared costs You’ll have to pay those predetermined sums every time one of your insured medical bills comes due. It’s not uncommon to have a $40 payment for specialists and a $10 copay for routine care. You are not required to fulfill your deductible initially.Third-party payment. After you’ve met your deductible, your insurance company will start paying a larger share of your healthcare bills. Coinsurance is the term for this arrangement. Until you reach your annual deductible, your coinsurance payments will continue. 4

The most money you’ll have to pay for insured medical bills in a given year is known as your “out-of-pocket maximum.” After you’ve reached your plan’s deductible, you won’t be responsible for any more of your covered medical costs.

There are plans that don’t require members to pay deductibles or co-pays, but this is the exception rather than the rule. These plans often have smaller deductibles but higher monthly premiums.

Deductibles in health insurance: how do they function?

The deductibles that apply to various insurance plans function in different ways. With vehicle insurance coverage with a $500 deductible, you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket for insured damages. After that point, your insurance will begin paying for everything. However, health insurance is more complicated. To qualify for insurance company payments in the form of coinsurance, you must first pay your deductible. 

Consider a plan where the out-of-pocket maximum is $3,000 and the deductible is $2,000. The copay would be $50, and the coinsurance would be 80/20. In an effort to alleviate the pain in your hip, you choose to see an orthopedist (at a cost of $50).The discomfort has the doctor concerned enough to arrange an MRI. The MRI is a $2,000 expense. You’re meeting your deductible since you’re paying the whole amount.

Your hip MRI reveals that you have a ruptured labrum, necessitating surgical repair. The total cost of the operation is $20,000. It’s $4,000 for your 20% co-insurance. However, since your out-of-pocket limit is just $3,000, you will only have to pay $1,000. Assuming all of the bills are legitimate, your insurance will pick up the tab. 

There are plans with greater deductibles than others. We refer to them as HDHPs, or high-deductible health plans. They typically have reduced monthly rates and deductibles of at least $1,400 for people and $2,800 for families in 2022. Minimum deductibles for individual policies in 2023 are $1,500 and for family plans they are $3,000.67

In 2022, average out-of-pocket maximums for individuals are $7,050 and for families they are $14,100. These amounts will be $7,500 and $15,000 in 2023.76 Those on a tight budget will find these plans to be a good fit.

How Do Deductibles Work With Homeowners Insurance?

The policyholder must pay the deductible before the insurance company will make a payment. The deductible may either be a fixed financial value or a percentage of the annual premium, often at around 2%. Individual claims determine total monetary amounts.

If you have a $1,000 deductible and make two claims, one for $10,000 now and another for $25,000 in six months, you will be liable for paying $2,000 out of pocket ($1,000 for each claim). In the event of a claim, you’ve agreed to pay a certain percentage of the insured value of your property.

Can You Explain Prescription Deductibles?

Insurance companies often require their policyholders to pay a deductible before covering the cost of prescription drugs. In certain cases, the deductible will apply to both medical and pharmacy expenses. Before the insured person has to start paying anything out of pocket for prescription drugs, the deductible in many health plans is often rather low.

In Health Insurance, How Do Family Deductibles Work?

All family health insurance policies have both individual and family deductibles. When one family member pays for medical care, that amount goes toward that person’s deductible. The family deduction is also applicable to this sum. As soon as one member of a family meets their deductible, the plan begins paying for their covered treatments. When a family reaches their deductible, the program begins covering all of its members immediately.2

The Function of Dental Deductibles

When it comes to dental care, the plan will only pay for procedures when the patient has met their deductible.A $500 deductible means that you are liable for the first $500 worth of dental care expenditures before your insurance company starts to pay anything. 9

Simply put, Deductibles in insurance policies ensure that both the insurance company and the insured will pay a portion of the claim’s costs. Car, house, and health insurance policies with a low deductible will have a higher premium than those with a large deductible under similar circumstances. It is important to shop around for insurance in order to get the best possible plan at a price you can afford.

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