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Form BOC-3 Designation of Agents for Service of Process

what is the purpose of a boc-3

Various BOC-3 filing options, such as online portals and third-party services, simplify the process. Before diving into the BOC-3 filing process, you must research and select a qualified process agent for each state where your trucking company operates. A process agent is an individual or entity authorized to accept legal documents on your behalf.

So, let’s start covering its definition, purpose, process, and frequently asked questions to ensure you understand this essential aspect of the trucking industry. The importance of analyzing trucking companies’ US Department of Transportation (DOT) Authority… To work with us, simply click here, provide us with the carrier’s legal name, MC number, and DOT number (as applicable), add your BOC-3 filing order to your cart, and check out. You should refile your BOC-3 any time there is a name change, transfer of authority, or another change to the details you provided on your BOC-3. But if you are a freight forwarder or broker that does not own and operate CMVs (commercial vehicles) you can file your BOC-3 yourself with a physical paper copy. Starting a new trucking company and doing all the administrative tasks that come with it can be stressful, overwhelming, and difficult to figure out on your own.

what is the purpose of a boc-3

You can submit the form electronically through the FMCSA’s official website. Ensure you follow the instructions and attach any supporting documents, such as the agent’s written consent to serve as your process agent. One signed copy should be filed with each state in or through which the operation is conducted; and one copy should be retained by the carrier, broker, or freight forwarder.

Can I File My Own BOC-3 Form?

BOC-3 filing is required for all trucking authorities including motor carriers, freight forwarders, and freight brokers. This form will be filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a part of the trucking authority getting their motor carrier (MC) number. Once you’ve selected your BOC-3 process agents and paid their fees, they’ll often file for you within a few business days. Once the FMCSA has received the document, they’ll mail your operating authority documents to you within 3-4 business days.

  1. Our team of experts is well-versed in the regulations of BOC-3 filing, and we are here to help you navigate the process effortlessly.
  2. Additionally, these agencies will forward any legal documents that they receive about your company, like court papers.
  3. Motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders must provide specific information, including their legal business name, address, and a list of states where they operate.

Process service agencies must employ or lease the services of individuals or entities within each state and be federally registered with the FMCSA in order to be able to grant a BOC-3. Compliance with BOC-3 filing is not only a legal requirement but also fundamental for running a successful trucking business. The good news is that there are plenty of resources and experts in BOC-3 filings and partnerships with authorized agents via a simple online search. And once you’ve completed the filings, you’ll be ready to take on new loads. Connect with CarrierSource to find more loads and ensure your trucking company remains compliant. The Blanket of Coverage (BOC) filing is a designated process to assign a process agent to a trucking authority.

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Depending on the processing agency that you choose, the cost of filing a BOC-3 Form can fluctuate. Additionally, some processing agencies provide discounted prices for trucking authorities that operate in fewer than five states. The FMCSA provides this form, which anyone can download from their official website. It is essential to use the most up-to-date version of the form to avoid complications during the filing process.

BOC-3 filing is crucial for trucking companies as it establishes a legal presence in each state. It ensures that process agents are assigned to receive legal documents, such as court summons or legal notices, on behalf of the trucking company. By designating process agents, BOC-3 filing ensures that legal proceedings can proceed smoothly, allowing trucking companies to focus on their core operations. It serves as a designation of process agents who act as representatives in legal matters in every state of operation. BOC-3 is a must for all interstate freight carriers before starting their operations in the United States. The processing agency is essentially a permanent address for FMCSA in order to send legal documents to the trucking company.

This is also the most cost-effective way to move forward, as you don’t have to waste time finding different BOC-3 agents and paying their various fees. If you are a motor carrier, only a BOC-3 designation of process agent can file for you, and it must be filed online. However, it is recommended that you get a processing agency for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The cost of doing so usually includes a filing fee, a fee for the number of states filed in, and an annual fee of a processing agency for your trucking authority.

Ensuring BOC-3 Compliance for a Successful Trucking Business

You can learn more about us online at and stay tuned with industry updates by following us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Contact us today to learn more about our BOC-3 filing service and how we can assist you in meeting your regulatory obligations. Together, we can ensure your transportation business’s smooth and compliant operation. Ensuring all the information provided in the documents is accurate and current is crucial. Any discrepancies or errors could lead to complications with your BOC-3 filing and potentially result in non-compliance. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check all the documents before submission and maintain copies for your records.

We provide a fast and easy filing process here at Foley, so if you want to simply enter your details and sit back and relax, we’re here to help. We’re happy to handle the entire process for you so you can focus on getting your new company up and running. Note that some organizations can cover you in multiple states, so your BOC-3 process agent may represent you in all the states you operate in. When filling out this form, you will need to provide your personal information to the processing agency.

A process agent is a legal representative upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder. Every motor carrier (of property or passengers) shall make a designation for each state in which it is authorized to operate and for each state traversed during such operations (using Form BOC-3). Brokers are required to list process agents in each state in which they have an office and in which they write contracts. A – Process Agent Service[clarification needed] is a United States federal filing that designates legal agents upon which process may be served. BOC stands for “blanket of coverage” and it typically assigns a person or business in each of the 50 US states to receive and forward legal documents. Process service agencies are third-party companies capable of granting BOC-3 filings.

Keep your filing information current and promptly notify the FMCSA of any changes to your process agents. Having these documents ready and providing accurate information can ensure a smooth and successful BOC-3 filing process for your trucking company. Any changes in business operations, such as adding or removing states of operation, require updating the BOC-3 forms.

We will assist you in selecting qualified process agents, completing the BOC-3 form accurately, and ensuring all requirements are met. If there are any changes in your designated process agents or their contact information, you must promptly update the FMCSA. Failure to do so may result in non-compliance and potential legal consequences. This exact BOC-3 filing cost may vary by state and the filing method, and it’s most commonly needed for those with an interstate footprint.

A BOC-3 form is a form you must fill in with the names and addresses of those authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of your business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. While filling in a physical BOC-3 form is possible, most filing is now done online. After this information is provided to FMCSA, they will issue operating authority and mail this documentation to your company. The filing fee can be as low as $25 whereas some operating state fees can be around $100. This is highly dependent on the number of states you operate in and the processing agency you choose. Remember to research and select qualified process agents, obtain the latest version of the BOC-3 form, and accurately complete and file the form with the FMCSA.

The trucking industry operates under strict regulations, making it crucial for those starting a trucking company to comply and ensure smooth operations. Some agencies offer coverage in all 50 states as well as options for trucking authorities to choose which states to have coverage in. Moreover, it is important to take the added fees, the company’s customer service, and overall transparency into account when choosing a processing agency.

The form will essentially show who is responsible for the trucking authority’s legal documents. A process agent for trucking companies plays a crucial role in ensuring legal compliance for trucking companies. They act as intermediaries between the FMCSA and the company, receiving and forwarding legal documents. Having process agents in each state of operation is essential to avoid legal complications and mitigate the looming transport challenges trucking companies already face. Besides trucking companies can require additional compliance that BOC-3 process agents review and look for.

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